・EEの所属するTEAM TEAMMDL Disneyland® Paris Major North America Closed Qualifierをなんとか3位で抜けMajor本戦出場確定させる。
・パリMajor前のESL One Mumbai 2019で5-6位フィニッシュ後GunnarNewshamがチームからキック


EEのいるところにドラマあり、Fnatic時代にohaiyo kickのUniverse Inで揉めたのは記憶に新しいと思いますがそれ以前にも色々ありました。Redditにいい感じのまとめがあったんやけど、なんか削除されちゃってるねんけどキャッシュに残ってたの引用しときますね。なんかあれで消したか消されたので参考程度に頼むぞ!

Compilation of EternalEnVy’s Roster shuffle history

Gets kicked from NTH[1]No Tidehunter Allianceの前身
Builds a Kaipi Squad with players he likes.
Shuffles around orgs a bit, gets Aui and is able to have a team that he fully controls with reputable org Cloud9.
From this point on he proceeds to have players kicked followed by an eventual disband in almost every team he has played in.

  • Kicks Singsing suddenly after a solid performance at TI4 at a time when the team was finally gaining some stability.

  • Kicks Aui and Pieliedie, widely considered one of the top tier support duos at the time to get Notail and Misery(who was part of the package)

  • C9 proceeds to disband after TI5, fractured after all the roster changes.

EE then joins Team Secret, invited by Puppey.

  • W33 and Misery get kicked for RTZ and Universe after 1 bad tournament placing, not too long after they won the Shanghai Major and beat the best teams in the world.

  • Universe ditches the team after a string of bad results, forcing them to take Bulba instead.

  • Team Secret disbands after last place in TI6

Decides to change and build a team based on friendship (lol). Forms his own player-owned organization called Team NP after the monetary issues he faced in Team Secret.

  • Kicks 1437 and SVG for Fata and PLD, exit described by 1437 as not very peaceful and done by Envy.

  • Team peters out, chokes at TI7 and is disbanded.

EE is vouched for by Demon to Ohaiyo and is invited to play for Fnatic in SEA.

  • Once invited, EE goes behind Ohaiyo’s back to convince him to take Pieliedie as a support instead of Demon (the person who got him in the team in the first place).

  • Xcalibur gets sidelined for Abed. (this one was understandable and definitely not just EE)

  • EE later turns on Ohaiyo, and silently has a meeting with the team behind his back on kicking him. He flies in Universe during a qualifiers but does not tell Ohaiyo about this until the qualifiers were over and won. As soon as the qualifiers were won and Ohaiyo was elated to have qualified for the tournament, he was kicked.

  • New roster chokes at TI8 and is knocked out and disbanded.

Moves back to NA after shuffle and joins Complexity as a position 5.

  • First team where he does not have the opportunity to spearhead a kick.

  • Gets into an apparent disagreement with Complexity management and team partially disbands.

Begins Team hopping NA.

Flying Penguins:

  • Kicks Gunnar for Ryoya after a close major qualifiers where they beat EG.

  • Team ends up disbanding after Lelis leaves and Sneyking is picked up.

Asks to join TeamTeam last minute for qualifiers and is accepted.

  • Threatens to kick Gunnar and Newsham after qualifying to Major against all odds but promises to let them play in the major and ESL Mumbai that they earned to right to play in first.

  • Gunnar is kicked for the 2nd time from different teams with EE being the only common factor along with Newsham.

  • This was Gunnar’s first high profile LAN barring WCA and both his and Newsham’s family bought tickets as they were promised that they would play in the major that they qualified for.

Kicks are normal in Dota2 and are to be expected in a competitive sport with so much money at stake but is there ANY other player with this many kicks / roster shuffles done on bad terms by the team he is playing on?

EternalEnvyのキャリアは悲しいKickからスタートしたと言っても過言ではない。No TidehunterというチームでLoda s4 Akke AdmiralBulldogというスウェーデン4人組と一緒にカナディアンEEは頑張っていたのですが蹴られてしまいます、その穴を埋めたのがスウェーディッシュEGM。そう後に世界最強チームとなりThe International 2013で優勝するAllianceの誕生である。EternalEnvyは贄にされその時のトラウマによりダークサイドに落ちてしまったのです・・・[2]ここはむじおの妄想

その昔まだTIが見えないポイントで招待されていた時代EU Fnaticがメンバーの故障でTIは別メンバーを1人いれてプレイしようとしたらValveにオリジナルメンバーでこいと怒られた、一方予めFearのお手手が調子悪いと相談していたEGは許されたっていう過去もある。




Gunnar’s family booked tickets to Paris to watch him at the major from DotA2


Kyleがじゃっきーまおって言ってるのはわかった。男気あるあれらしい しらんけど

Kyle Calls Out EE (Clip) from DotA2


PPD on Team Team from DotA2


Bulldog on TT situation from DotA2

AFK GamingのGunnarインタビュー

AFK GamingによるEternal Enyインタビュー

Gfreak: Do you prefer the older DPC format then?
EternaLEnVy: I’d prefer this format if there was no money. I feel like they just reduced the amount of tournaments and I don’t like the format in terms of like qualifiers. I think the fact that you have qualifiers right after the major is ridiculous.

Gfreak: Is it because it doesn’t give teams enough time to reshuffle or figure out new ways to play the game?
EternaLEnVy: Yeah.





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Dota2 MDL Disneyland Paris Major現地観戦するために15万円握りしめてパリのディズニーランド旅行計画を立てよう!


1 No Tidehunter Allianceの前身
2 ここはむじおの妄想
3 たしかEEはいい大学中退してる