The International 10がスウェーデンで開催できひんかも・・・代替地をEU圏で模索中

The International 10がスウェーデンで開催できひんかも・・・代替地をEU圏で模索中

An Important Update on TI10: The International – Dota 2 Championships in Sweden

We started working with Sweden back in 2019 to get everything in place to hold TI10 there in 2020. When the global pandemic necessitated a postponement, we doubled our efforts to work in tandem with officials there to make sure we provided them with everything they needed to make this a safe and successful event for everyone.

Over the course of the past year, Stockholm Live and Visit Stockholm continued to reassure us in our regular and constant communications with them that The International – Dota 2 Championships qualified for the same exemptions other elite sporting events there received.

However, despite previous reassurances, we were informed two weeks ago that the Swedish Sports Federation had just voted not to accept esports into the sports federation.

In subsequent (and immediate) meetings with the Swedish Esports Federation (SESF) and Visit Stockholm we discovered our only remaining option was to ask Sweden’s Minister of the Interior to reclassify The International – Dota 2 Championships as an elite sporting event. Our request was immediately denied.

With the Minister of the Interior failing to recognize The International – Dota 2 Championships as an elite sporting event, anyone attempting to procure a visa for travel into Sweden for TI10 (including players, talent, and staff) would be denied. The absence of this official recognition also means individual border agents would be making decisions about entry for those traveling to the event from countries outside the EU who do not typically need a visa to enter Sweden.

We filed an appeal directly with the Swedish government on June 9, but they were unable to provide assistance. On June 14 we followed up asking them to reconsider, and they have so far been unable to offer a resolution. As a result, and in light of the current political situation in Sweden, we have started looking for possible alternatives elsewhere in Europe to host the event this year, in case the Swedish government is unable to accommodate The International – Dota 2 Championships as planned. We feel confident that in either instance we will have a solution that allows us to hold TI10 in Europe this year, and that we will be able to announce an updated plan in the very near future.

We remain committed to hosting The International this year in a way that is both safe for all involved, and properly celebrates the players and fans of Dota 2. We will be communicating what we find out as soon as we are able. In the meantime, TI qualifiers will still be happening on the originally scheduled dates starting June 23. And later this week, the all-new summer event Nemestice will arrive.


この1年間、ストックホルムライブとVisit Stockholmは、定期的なコミュニケーションの中で、The International – Dota 2 Championshipsが、現地で開催される他のエリートスポーツイベントと同様の免除措置を受ける資格があると、私たちに安心感を与え続けてくれました。


その後、Swedish Esports Federation (SESF)とVisit Stockholmとのミーティングで、私たちに残された唯一の選択肢は、スウェーデンの内務大臣にThe International – Dota 2 Championshipsをエリートスポーツイベントとして再分類するよう要請することだとわかりました。しかし、この要請は即座に却下されました。

内務大臣がThe International – Dota 2 Championshipsをエリートスポーツイベントとして認めていないため、TI10のためにスウェーデンに渡航するためのビザを取得しようとする人(選手、タレント、スタッフを含む)は拒否されてしまいます。また、公式に認められていないということは、通常はスウェーデンへの入国にビザを必要としないEU圏外の国からこのイベントに参加する人たちについても、個々の国境警備隊が入国を判断することになります。

私たちは、6月9日にスウェーデン政府に直接アピールしましたが、対応してもらえませんでした。6月14日には再考を求めてフォローアップを行いましたが、これまでのところ解決策を提示していただくことはできませんでした。その結果、現在のスウェーデンの政治状況を考慮し、万が一、スウェーデン政府が「The International – Dota 2 Championships」を予定通り開催できない場合に備えて、今年のイベントを開催するための代替案をヨーロッパの他の地域で探し始めました。いずれにしても、今年のTI10をヨーロッパで開催するための解決策を得ることができると確信しており、近い将来、最新の計画を発表できると思います。無料版)で翻訳しました。











An Important Update on TI10: The International – Dota 2 Championships in Sweden from DotA2